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China Daily:Han Han's magazine lacks publisher

  Han Han, a 27-year-old professional rally driver, best-selling author and popular blogger. Once dubbed "China's literary bad boy" by the US Time magazine, Han is well known in China for some of his outspoken blog articles. In September 1, 2010, there is a news about Han Han's first magazine. Here is the news reported by China Daily:

  The publication of a bimonthly magazine launched by China's most popular blogger, Han Han, has been postponed indefinitely due to a lack of licensing.

  More than one million copies of the first issue were sold by July 22, according to the Tianjin distributor.

  On July 6 when the magazine was launched, dealers in Beijing alone sold 22,000 copies within 20 minutes. All 500,000 copies of the initial printing of the first issue were divided up among distributors within two days. The literary bimonthly climbed to the top of the best-seller list of Amazon.cn less than 10 hours after pre-selling.

Han Han is a famous writer and blogger in China

Han Han is a famous writer and blogger in China

  Han, founder and editor of Duchangtuan, or Party, the best-selling literary magazine in China this summer, said the cooperation between him and the publisher of the first issue had officially ended.(ZhaoNiuPai

  As a result, the publication of the second issue of the magazine, which was previously scheduled to be released around Aug 30, has been postponed indefinitely.

  He refused to say what exactly caused the end of the cooperation, but indicated that many publishing houses are unwilling to publish a magazine run by him out of fear that he is "beyond control."

  "I'm still looking for a new publisher, but have made hardly any progress," he told China Daily in an exclusive interview, "publishers are more than happy to make money, but they don't want to have pressures."

  Despite the huge success in the market, Duchangtuan is not a real magazine in the legal sense.

Duchangtuan's Cover

Duchangtuan's Cover

Duchangtuan's Cover

  Without a standard serial number needed for a magazine, the first issue of Duchangtuan actually came out as a series of books. Han has been trying to solve this problem by seeking cooperation with a publisher that already has a license for an existing title.

  "My major concern is how to legalize the magazine," Han said. "I'm worried that it might be called off if it continues to publish in the form of a book."

  In the past few years, applications for a China standard serial number were rarely approved by the General Administration of Press and Publication. According to statistics from the administration, a total of 9,851 magazines were published last year, while the total number of magazines only increased by 383 from 2006 to 2009.

Duchangtuan's Poster

Duchangtuan's Poster

  Han is also concerned that if the magazine stops publication, foreign media will probably suggest that the Chinese government is cracking down on him. "I don't want government institutions to be the scapegoat," he said.

  Also, the current format is bad for attracting advertising, Han added.

  Priced at 16 yuan ($2.35) a copy, the magazine cost about 400,000 yuan of royalties per issue and 100,000 yuan of operating expenses per month, according to his estimation. No advertisements ran in the inaugural issue.

From:China Daily By Jiang Xueqing



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